Friday, November 16, 2007

Big Hearted Friday #1

With all this talk of gifting and getting and wanting and wishing it's important not forget about the GIVING. Every Friday I'll post about a charitable cause that is in need of your time, skills, money, or attention.

Helping those in need is the best gift you can ever give or receive. I suggest it for everyone on your list.

Doctors Without Borders brings medial staff and supplies to war torn, disaster damaged, and epidemic ridden areas of the world. Your contribution may help bring medical and psychiatric treatment for victims of sexual violence in Darfur, aid for malnourished children Niger, or help for flood victims in Mexico.

Doctors Without Borders

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SwankyMode said...

Great idea. This is a really great blog. You should look into for your next charity. Pete wentz told me all about it.